TIMAB, First International Phosphates Convention

Our mission : filling the week program with meetings and interactions between employees from all over the world. Out of Box offered and created original content : reports made by the employees, infographics, creative workshops…
And, as always, on the field, we ensured the running of the program which has been full of surprises and emotions.
+ First step, we created an interactive event website to involve employees before the event. We ask for contribution every week : pictures, videos, animations, enigmas…
Our solution, Action™, flew all around the globe within a few weeks : Ivory Coast, Malaysia, Brazil, India, United States, Britain, Peru, Poland. The employees made 5 films based on the international development of the company.
We created and held a projection workshop about the future of the brand, result : overly motivated employees.
Two dynamic plenary sessions held by our friend, Alex Taylor, at his best.
An animated movie and some interviews about the 40 years of TIMAB history and development.
A best of and a video booth to answer questions…
Thank you to the whole team at TIMAB for their trust.

Production : OUT OF BOX