ANCI La Poste

❝ The benefits of this solution seemed obvious right from the get-go of our project. This solution would allow us to collect testimonials from teams in the region, being quick, simple and flexible. And most importantly, we were able to involve these teams in both founding and shaping our agreement through the content of their testimonies and their solid participation in the shootings. We wanted everybody to be involved in our operation, which was the general theme of the project. We were able to get things running smoothly without a problem, thanks to the very intuitive application and custom roadbook that came with each iPad. As per usual, the OOB team is still very much on hand to give support and advice at every stage – helping to define the structure of interviews and facilitate how they were conducted, always on call if needed during filming, and of course, for editing.
The result lived up to our expectations: great content, quality films and the teams were particularly proud of their contribution.

Bénédicte PERCEVAUX, project manager